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Feminine Lyrique Ensemble is a women-led arts organization.  Our mission is to tell women’s stories and let their voices be heard.  We accomplish this by celebrating composers whose works are all too often underrepresented in the operatic and classical music world.  Feminine Lyrique showcases female identifying artists, musicians, and composers in innovative performances of the classical arts.

Feminine Lyrique Ensemble was born out of a deep desire to hear women's stories told in meaningful ways, by women.  So often portrayals of women in opera are told through the lens of male identifying composers and directors.  It is the goal of founder and artistic director Corey Lovelace to see the works by women composers programmed just as frequently as those long established in classical music’s repertoire.  

Feminine Lyrique began with the hope of removing barriers and making classical music more approachable for our changing world.  In February 2019, we launched our first Diva’s Cabaret to a packed, standing-room only audience at women-owned Bold Missy Brewery.  Since then we have continued Cabaret performances, and launched a digital concert series during a time of quarantine.  We are now in our second digital concert season featuring women artists from across the world.  Feminine Lyrique Ensemble has big plans for the future! Our 2022/23 season will be filled with in-person and digital concert offerings.

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Corey Raquel Lovelace

Founder & Artistic Director

Lauren Auge

Director of Production

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